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StagePool Satisfaction Guarantee

If you have taken the actions below and still haven't been invited to a casting, audition or interview, we give you two months' free membership.

Satisfaction guarantee

Most members who have been invited to a casting, audition or interview through StagePool have taken actions to improve their chances to get a job. Our satisfaction guarantee does only apply if we can clearly see that you have been active and engaged in your job search. Therefore the following conditions apply:


Guarantee conditions

  • You must have at least three (3) high-quality photos uploaded to your CV. One close-up photo of your face - the photos should be without hats, sunglasses and such. One half body photo and one whole body photo. The photos must be of good quality and have a professional look and feel to them. The photos must never include other persons, drink glasses or other items/objects.
  • You must leave personal details about yourself such as your name, telephone number, mobile number and email address so that the employer can contact you.
  • In order for you to be found in our directory, and your CV to be matched with our jobs, you must create at least one (1) CV. The CV must contain a relevant main profession, at least three (3) secondary professions, a correct acting age interval, your gender, city and country.
  • You must have applied for at least 30 jobs (or all matching jobs if they are fewer than 30) the last 6 months. You must be prepared to accept job offers in metropolitan regions and be able to travel to other cities or, in some cases, abroad.
  • You must apply for jobs that match your age, experience and education.
  • You must add audio and/or video files, and website if available, to your CV.
  • You must contact one of our member coaches for feedback, advising and guidance.

Contact us if you need any help


Two months for free

If you have done all of the above and still haven't been invited to a casting, audition or interview, we will give you two (2) months for free in addition to your current membership!

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